B.B Dakota Shoes

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BB Dakota Shoes After nearly half a century of designing amazing lifestyle apparel BB Dakota is now releasing a new line of shoes.

BB Dakota shoes looked to be as exciting as their award-winning lifestyle apparel, and the price range for BB Dakota shoes should we anywhere from $80 on up to $250.

B.B. Dakota the parent company of BB Dakota shoes was founded in 1986, in Laguna Beach, California by Gloria Brandes, a Canadian fashion designer from Montreal. Brandes brought her unique French sensibility to the clothes that she created which set B.B. Dakota apart from the mainstream of Orange County surf and skate lines. The fact that they are releasing BB Dakota shoes now is a perfect time to expand their brand. The brand has been an insider’s secret for many years with many devoted fans lining up outside the original store in Laguna Beach, for a chance to buy the clothes. In 2005 the secret was out as many fashion editors began to publicize this small exclusive brand in editorials in national magazines. Today B.B. Dakota is focusing on smaller independent boutiques to keep the brand from becoming over-exposed. The hard part will be finding BB Dakota shoes as the initial release is only going to be in some of their top-selling boutique stores. If you want to be on the forefront of footwear fashion and not have to spend more than $250 for a pair of amazing shoes, be on the lookout for BB Dakota shoes.

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